Quality Control

We Are Committed To Excellence

Wadefield Homes is quality control. We are committed to excellence. Our uncompromising construction quality and building standards are second to none.

In addition to local and municipal inspections that we adhere to, Wadefield Homes invests in an independent engineering firm to help insure quality. This voluntary expense is a critical step in our comprehensive system to consistently deliver the highest level of structural integrity possible.

Foundation (pre-pour) – Usually done 24-48 hours prior to concrete placement. Inspectors make sure all reinforcements are properly sized and placed as well as checking beam depth, width, and all other applicable codes.

Plumbing Grounds – The plumbing grounds are inspected for proper installation, slope drainage, and hydrostatically tested to minimize the chance for underground leaks.

Foundation (placement) – Did you know that for every gallon of water added to concrete the PSI will be reduced by 100? As alarming as that sounds it is a common practice to add water to concrete on site to make it easier to work. Wadefield Homes has an onsite inspector to monitor and check consistency, slump, and the vibration of the concrete.

Frame – In addition to Wadefield Homes' 250 point frame analysis, Wadefield Homes will inspect for code compliance as well as individual plan compliance.

Plumbing Rough In – All piping is inspected for code compliance prior to cover up. All vent stacks will have water in them to test for leaks, and all gas and water lines will be pressure tested.

Electrical Rough In – All electrical components such as conductors, panels, boxes etc. are inspected for code compliance.

HVAC – The entire HVAC system is inspected for code compliance and proper installation. Many other items such as proper use of mastic, duct length, and unit locations are also noted.

Insulation – Energy Star certified professionals inspect that all infiltration points are blocked and sealed, all hot walls are backed, and that the insulation is installed per Energy Star specifications.

Final Inspection – The final is a total code compliance and workmanship inspection. The inspector will check a/c units, water heaters, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and electrical fixtures for proper installation.

Energy Star Final – Duct blaster and blower door testing prove the performance and efficiency of your home. This is the final stage towards certification.