We Are Committed To Delivering The Highest Quality Home Possible

There is nothing that will give your home more enduring value than exceptional construction quality. Wadefield Homes and our team of specialists are committed to delivering the highest quality home possible. Only materials and methods, which have been proven through testing and performance, will be employed. A home is only as good as the person in direct supervision of it.

At Wadefield Homes you will have the owner of the company directly involved with supervision, as well as efficiently and systematically scheduling and monitoring all phases of construction. The following are only a few structural distinctions that sets Wadefield Homes apart from other builders.

The Foundation Pad:

Not all home sites require a foundation pad, but when it does, it is critical that it is constructed properly. Foundation pads are needed in such occurrences when the site slopes drastically, is in a low area, or when large trees are extracted.

Many builders simply haul clay and spread it with a bull dozer over the home site. At Wadefield Homes we use scientific and proven practices to guarantee it is done properly. The soil test is used first to determine how much of the top soil is to be removed before the select fill is brought in. Once this is done, we also test each site where the select fill is being extracted from. This test proves that the moisture content is not too high or low and that the proper amount of clay is present. This information is also needed for the compaction test.

The Foundation:

We conduct a soils investigation and test for each home we build. Independent engineers pull core samples from each site a minimum of 15 feet deep. Knowing the type and condition of the soil beneath your home is crucial in designing the proper foundation of your home. Samples are taken to an engineer's lab and reports are provided on such items as expansiveness, bearing capacity, and the potential for future shifting.

Once an engineer has designed and certified the foundation, we meticulously construct it to the exact specifications.

The Frame:

Just as with the foundation, if the frame is not constructed with integrity, many future problems can arise. Wadefield Homes employs the best framers in the business.

Quality craftsmen along with daily on-site supervision, insures that your home has a solid base for years to come. We have developed a systematic frame checklist that has over 250 items on it. Just a few items on this list include: nailing patterns for all dimensions of lumber, all walls are square and plumb, headers and beams are to have glue and 1/2" plywood gussets; roof bracing is properly spaced and placed. There are hundreds of others and it takes commitment and experience to catch them all.

Structural Sheathing:

Wadefield Homes does not wrap our home with styro-foam or cardboard energy brace as many builders do. We sheath our homes with 7/16" OSB and Tyveck moisture barrier. Structurally sheathing our homes gives it unsurpassed strength. We also use the same nailing patterns used in inland windstorm areas.

In addition to superior strength, structural sheathing has many other advantages. These include the prevention of racking, a solid nail base and continuous coverage for siding, adds stiffness, reduces flexing in walls, keeps walls straight and square, and reduces holes in the moisture barrier due to job site damage.


We use a minimum of 30 year rated shingles that are laminated and have more visual depth than ordinary shingles. Shingle selection is very important to "curb appeal" as it is usually 30 to 40 percent of your home's exterior view. We also do not staple our shingles to save time and money. We nail our shingles to provide greater strength and withstand higher winds.

2nd Story Floor Systems:

All of our floor decking is glued, nailed, and screwed. This combination of applications will help eliminate floor squeaks.

All James Hardi Exteriors:

Wadefield Homes uses James Hardi products on the exterior of our homes. This includes siding, fascia, window trim, door frames, and perforated soffit. James Hardi products are a cement-fiber material that is unsurpassed in durability, fire-resistance, and resists exposure to humidity, rain, and termites.